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Hello and welcome to your Build Your Professional Skills Playlist

In the world of HR, certain skills exist that can significantly boost your success and impact, especially as you step into a senior-level role or are on your way there. Some of these skills might not have been on your radar before, but they can transform your approach and outcomes. 

This podcast playlist is designed to shed light on these skills, offering practical tips and insights from expert guests on how to embrace and develop them effectively. 

Whether it’s feeling more confident with data & analytics, influencing others, crafting standout business cases, presenting with clear confidence, or enhancing your business acumen, facilitation and mediation skills, each episode is packed with actionable advice.

How to listen to your playlist

Below you’ll find the Build Your Professional Skills playlist. It’s set up on Spotify for free listening – you don’t need a premium account to access these episodes. Play them directly on your computer, or click the playlist title to open it in the Spotify app.

If you prefer using the Podcasts app on an iPhone, unfortunately playlists aren’t available as a feature on there yet. As a workaround, you can always take a note of what’s on the Spotify list below and then search for them by episode number and title in the Apple Podcasts app.

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