Career change coaching

Career change coaching

Ready for a career reset?

If you’ve been in HR for a while and are thinking of moving in a different direction, it can be hard to know where to start, or what else you can do. Rest assured, you have plenty of transferrable skills. We’ll help you identify them and support you in moving to a role that feels right.

There are many reasons you may be considering a career change. Perhaps:

  • You’re good at your job but you don’t find it fulfilling

  • You fell into your current career and it’s never felt quite right

  • You pursued your career because it’s what others expected

  • Your work doesn’t fit with your life

Whatever your reason, career change coaching can help. Choose between our 3D Career Change Coaching Programme (detailed below), or have bespoke sessions, tailored for you. Coaching will take you from feeling lost, stuck and confused to feeling confident and clear about which career path is the best for you.

How it works

The 3D Career Change Coaching Programme is made up of 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions, spread over three stages.

Each stage has been carefully designed and tested to help you identify a new career that will leave you feeling happier and more fulfilled.

If you already know which career you would like to change to there is the option of having a personalised career change programme designed for you instead.

Stage 1:


3 x 1-hour coaching sessions

The first stage is about getting clear on what’s important to you, and what you want from your career. The dedicated time and exercises will help you learn more about yourself. You’ll delve into your strengths, values, motivators and influences on your career so far. And you’ll draw up a checklist of criteria that your new career needs to meet.

Stage 2:


2 x 1-hour coaching sessions

The second stage is all about discovery. You’ll identify different career paths you’d like to consider and spend time researching them, so that you can make an informed decision with confidence.

Stage 3:


1 x 1-hour coaching session

Now you know yourself better and have explored different options, the final stage is about deciding on your new career. This session helps you to assess your options, finalise your decision, and make a plan to move into your chosen career.

Stage 4:

Follow up

1 x 30 minute check-in session

After completing the three stages, you have a 30-minute check-in session to use in whatever way is best for you. Some of our clients choose to use it to update their coach on their progress at finding their next role, some have already moved into their new role and want to talk through how it is going, others may ask for advice with practical aspects like making applications, reviewing their CV, or getting interview tips. The session’s yours to use as you like.

Invest in your future

The 3D Career Change Coaching Programme includes:

  • 6 x 1-hour sessions

  • 1 x Check-in call

  • Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile course

Get everything you need to move forward in your new career for £1,250.

You can pay upfront, or in five monthly instalments of £250.

Your Investment

Take action to get a fulfilling career.

  • 3D Career Change Programme:  a one-off investment of £1,250, or 5 monthly instalments of £250.
  • Personalised career change coaching: £200 per hourly session (if self-funded).


“I sought out Fay’s coaching services when I decided to transition from my Head of People Development role to launch my own business. Fay served as an exceptional sounding board and confidant throughout the process. Her insights and expertise were instrumental in gaining clarity on my priorities and navigating a successful transition. We tackled various aspects, from identifying the ideal services to developing effective strategies to establish and market my new business. Fay’s understanding of the challenges and fears associated with leaving the comfort of employment was invaluable. Her support empowered me to overcome my doubts and fears along the way. If you’re considering a career transition, I wholeheartedly recommend Fay’s coaching services.”

Giles Smith

“After working in HR for many years and reaching a Senior HR Business Partner role, I reached a crossroads where my work no longer felt as rewarding as it once did, and I was uncertain about my future direction.  The career change programme with Fay was just what I needed. The thoughtful sessions allowed me to understand myself better and pinpoint exactly what I wanted from my career. As part of the programme I explored several different career possibilities before deciding on coaching as my new path. I’ve since completed my training and am now happily running my own coaching practice.  Fay is an incredibly supportive, fun and understanding coach who I thoroughly enjoyed working with and I firmly believe I wouldn’t have had the courage or self-belief to pivot my career without her help.  I would highly recommend the programme for anyone who is uncertain about their next career move and wants to refocus on their values and motivations.”

Catherine Baxter

Frequently Asked Questions

All coaching takes place online via Zoom (or the video conference software of your choice). Or, if you’re located close by to us, you’re very welcome to have the coaching in-person at Fay’s home office in Banstead.

Each person moves at their own pace. It depends on how quickly you wanted to work through it, and how much time you have available for the sessions and the career research that you need to do for the Discover stage. On average, it takes clients three months to work through the programme, but some take more time, and others less. Essentially, it’s whatever works for you.

It’s really important that you are the one to make the decision about which career to change to. Your coach’s role is to help you unlock this answer yourself. They can share tools, techniques and resources with you that will help you think about, research and evaluate different roles, but they won’t tell you which job you should change to. The coaching will help you make that decision for yourself (which is far more powerful than them telling you what to do).

Get in touch and get going

Starting is easy. Just email us to let us know you’re interested in the programme, and we’ll assign you a coach. You can then meet them over Zoom for an initial, free 20-minute chat to learn more about each other and ask any questions you have about the programme. Once you’re happy, you can confirm your booking and we’ll schedule your first session.