How to find out if you’re being paid what you’re worth

Your next one-to-one with your line manager is coming up soon. Is it time to negotiate a pay rise? Or maybe you're considering a career change or have just been offered an exciting new role and would like to know how much you should expect. How do you know if you're being paid what [...]

Career change – 4 tips to prepare for your next job interview

You’re looking for a career change. You have your eyes on a role that looks perfect for you and you've managed to land an interview. There's only one person standing between you and your dream job now - the interviewer. How are you going to convince them that you're the right person to hire, [...]

Boost Your Career by Understanding Your Strengths

What are strengths? Do you find it hard to talk about what your strengths are? Is it because it’s too embarrassing to sing your own praises (we’re British after all)? Or is it because you’re not sure what they are? Perhaps you have an awareness of ‘being good with people’, or ‘good with numbers’ [...]

How to Prepare for a Competency Based Interview

If you have a job interview coming up, there is a strong chance that part of it will include  competency based questions. Competencies are skills, knowledge or behaviours that you have and that you can apply at work to be successful in a role. The most popular competencies that are assessed in competency based [...]