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CV Toolkit

You need a new CV that lets you sail past the competition to get your next role. You know that competition for jobs is at an all-time high, with stories of redundancies in the news every day and you don’t want your job search to drag on for endless months.

You know your CV isn’t up to scratch (it’s the same one you’ve always had – you usually just update it when you need to by adding on your most recent role) but:

You don’t want to pay hundreds of pounds to a CV writer to write a CV for you

It feels hard to sell yourself in your CV

You want what you write to feel genuine. You don’t want to seem cold, fake, or egotistical

You need to know how to beat the competition and be invited for interviews

Introducing the CV toolkit

An online, self-study CV writing course that will teach you how to write a successful CV to open the door to your next job. 

Most online CV courses tell you how to structure a CV but they don’t teach you how to write it. This is where my CV Toolkit is different. I take you by the hand, sharing all of the CV tips, tools and strategies I’ve learnt from writing 100s of successful CVs. You will learn:

Which CV template is right for you

The exact words and phrases you should be using

How to identify your strengths, skills and achievements

How to sell themselves with confidence

How to tailor your CV to the exact roles you’re applying for

How to beat electronic automatic CV sifting systems

What’s included

My most popular CV templates and 19 bite sized tutorial videos (1 ¾ hours of video content in total) split across 8 modules:

  • Module 1: Welcome

Introduction to the CV toolkit

You need to know this! – How technology has changed recruitment

  • Module 2: Choosing the right CV template for you

The 4 different types of CV explained

How to use the CV templates – overview

  • Module 3: The CV templates (ready to download)

Download the CV templates here

  • Module 4: Writing your CV – the beginning

How to complete your contact details

Powerful personal profile writing – getting started

The 4 step formula for writing a persuasive personal profile

Why you need a key skills section

Choosing the right key skills to ignite the recruiter’s interest

  • Module 5: Writing your CV – moving onto the middle

Complete your career history section

Reveal your responsibilities and achievements

Add older roles to your CV

  • Module 6: Writing your CV – the final sections

Explain your education, training and qualifications

Including your IT skills

Add your languages

Using voluntary work to help you get your next role

Hobbies and interests

  • Module 7: Checking your CV before sending it out

How to check your CV for mistakes before sending it out

  • Bonus module: Module 8: How to create a ‘creative CV’ using Canva

Create a creative CV quickly and easily

About me

I’m Fay Wallis, Career Coach, CV Writer and redundancy support specialist. After writing 100s of successful CVs since setting up Bright Sky Career Coaching in 2016, I’ve pulled together my most successful CV templates and created step-by-step video tutorials for the CV toolkit. You’ll learn how to choose the template that is right for you, how to work out what your achievements are and how to write about them confidently. I share all my tips and tricks in the CV toolkit. I take you by the hand and break down the writing process into manageable steps. You will know the exact words and phrases to include that make you stand out from the competition while creating a CV that feels it genuinely reflects who you are.

Is the CV toolkit right for you?

This CV toolkit is right for you if you want…

The same level job, or a more senior role

To know how to explain gaps in your CV

To stand out from the competition

To learn how to sell yourself on your CV

To learn how to beat automated electronic CV sifting systems

This CV toolkit isn’t right for you if…

You’re a recent graduate

You want to make a radical career change

You’re a contractor

You want a C-Suite (CEO, CFO, CTO etc) or NED role

You’re returning to work after a long career break