Episode 5 of the HR Coffee Time podcast

If you’re feeling frustrated you aren’t progressing your career, or you’re bored in your role and don’t know what to do about it, this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast is here to help.

Fay talks through the 3E model – something that can be really helpful at giving you ideas about how to take control of your career and achieve the progress and career success that you’re looking for.

Key Points From This Episode

[04:03] The first ‘E’ from the 3E model – Experience.

[05:57] How to ask your manager for more experience.

[06:50] Setting yourself a stretch assignment.

[07:57] Volunteering to help projects in other departments.

[08:27] Volunteering outside of work to gain experience.

[11:01] The second ‘E’ from the 3E model – Exposure to other people.

[12:24] Mentoring opportunities.

[14:38] Online networking opportunities – the HR Ninjas.

[15:43] Online networking opportunities – LinkedIn.

[16:31] Job shadowing / grown-up work experience.

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[22:03] The third ‘E’ from the 3E model – Education.

[24:14] Local CIPD branch events.

[25:09] HR events provided by HR Recruiters and local law firms.

[25:33] HR membership groups & HR clubs

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