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Do you ever wish you felt more confident at work?

We could all do with a bit of a confidence boost from time to time. Maybe you have a constant underlying feeling that you lack confidence, or perhaps you wish you could be more confident about one thing in particular (e.g. speaking up in meetings, delivering presentations, handling a tricky colleague).

Whatever your confidence gremlins are; this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast is here to help.

Key Points From This Episode

[02:55] Are you putting yourself under too much pressure, or not taking action because you’re worried you’ll fail? Learn how moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset can help.

[06:30] Learn how to figure out your strengths (your highly developed skills that energise you when you use them). You might be surprised! Knowing them can help give your confidence a boost.

[11:56] Recognise your achievements. It can be too easy to get caught up in constantly moving forwards, trying to achieve your next big goal. Taking the time to stop and acknowledge the progress you’ve made is a powerful way of helping your confidence.

[12:39] Download my free ‘Tracking Achievements’ worksheet.

[15:27] Hold onto positive feedback by setting yourself up with a ‘praise folder’ that you can turn to for a confidence ‘pick me up’ when times are tough.

[18:02] Learn how to begin tackling one particular area that you don’t feel confident about.

[22:13] Understand the difference between your comfort zone, your growth zone and panic zone, to help you build up your confidence step-by-step without becoming overwhelmed or stressed out.

[27:38] Try out these coaching questions to help you come up with your own plan to tackle your confidence gremlins.

[30:43] Real-life examples of personalised confidence-building plans to inspire and reassure you.

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