Episode 123 HR Coffee Time

Working in the fast-paced, busy world of HR can feel stressful. As a dedicated and hardworking HR professional, you may find yourself prioritising looking after everyone else in the organisation above your own wellbeing. But it’s so important you are able to take care of yourself too, so that the stress doesn’t reach the point of burnout. In this episode of HR Coffee Time, released during Stress Awareness Month, Dr Jo Burrell joins host, Fay Wallis, to share her advice on spotting signs of stress and how to take action to stop it in its tracks.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:00] Introduction and Importance of Discussing Stress and Burnout

[02:09] Introducing Dr Jo Burrell

[07:05] Worrying Results from the HR Mental Wellbeing Survey

[08:52] Understanding and Combating Burnout

[11:42] Personal Reflections on Stress and Work Habits

[22:11] Strategies to Prevent Burnout and Manage Stress

[29:21] An Example Case Study

[39:07] Book Recommendation


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A Work In Progress: Unlocking Wellbeing to Create More Sustainable and Resilient Organisations, by Gethin Nadin


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