HR Coffee Time Episode 16

Networking is an incredibly useful way of overcoming whatever career challenge you’re facing. If you feel a bit nervous about networking, or have been avoiding it because it feels uncomfortable, this episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help. In it, Fay shares 9 simple tips to help you become more confident about networking.  

This is the third episode dedicated to networking. The first two episodes in the series are: episode 11, “Networking – the three most important networks for your career” and episode 15, “How networking can help your career.” 


Key Points From This Episode 

[01:08] Free downloadable HR planner for 2022 

[02:30] How to create a positive mindset when it comes to networking 

[04:18] Remember small talk and the important role it plays in getting to know people 

[05:39] What to do if you find it hard to think of small talk 

[06:42] Formal industry events and how to build rapport 

[09:37] Tips on remembering the details that someone has shared with you 

[11:38] What to do at networking events if you are nervous 

[13:07] Thinking about what you can give to others, rather than what you can take 

[14:16] Organisational Psychologist Adam Grant’s idea of givers, takers and matchers explained 

[20:43] Nurturing your network and building confidence about networking so you can ask for help when you need it 

[21:29] How to follow up with someone who has helped you 

[22:34] Finding ways to stay in touch with people in your network 

[23:46] Ways to meet or catch up in a virtual world 

[25:37] Using LinkedIn to change roles or careers and the concept of six degrees of separation

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