HR Coffee Time Episode 18

If you’re committed to your HR career and want to make a positive impact in the organisation you work in, this episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help. Karen Moran, one of the co-founders of Disruptive HR, shares her views on the future of HR. She explains how to get rid of outdated practices and future-proof your career by changing your approach and building your skills.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:17] Introduction to Karen Moran, co-founder of Disruptive HR

[03:01] Information on the Disruptive HR Club for those working in HR

[06:36] The benefits of changing from being process driven to focusing on outcomes

[08:15] The parental approach, how creating rules and processes for people to follow stops them from using their own judgement

[09:20] Silos of expertise and how these are problem in the way HR teams work

[10:20] How skills gaps in HR teams are why they can lack influence and credibility

[11:50] What skills need to be developed with HR teams to fix these problems

[13:35] How we can help leaders to help themselves and making the experience for our people as good as it can be

[17:01] The tools that can be used to take steps forward for changing the mindset of how HR teams work

[19:20] Creating environments to help change behaviours and build skills.

[25:23] Examples of challenging current HR processes, policies and practices and ensuring they are in place for the right reasons

[32:15] Karen’s book recommendations – HR Disrupted and the HR Change Toolkit by Lucy Adams

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