Episode 19 HR Coffee Time

For the last HR Coffee Time of 2021, Fay shares 10 questions for you to reflect on, to help you look back on the year and make a plan to take forward to next year. Looking back is a good way of learning from the past, taking the time to recognise your achievements and key learnings. It can also give you ideas for your next goals and want you want to achieve from the year ahead

Key Points From This Episode

[00:30] Why it’s a good idea to look back and reflect on the year

[02:19] Becoming the Programme Manager of your own career

[02:52] Considering success and what it means to you

[03:33] The problem with linking success and happiness

[04:37] Sean Achor’s teachings: creating the happiness advantage through positive thinking

[05:00] Fay’s blog article about the best TED talks for your career

[05:21] How to remember everything you’ve done over the past year

[06:17] Question one: what did you achieve?

[07:11] If you lack self-confidence or find it hard to see yourself as having achievements, episode one of the podcast may help, “How to feel more confident at work

[07:11] Question two: what did you do to help others?

[08:13] Question three: what are you proudest of from this year?

[08:40] Question four: what did you do for your wellbeing this year?

[09:35] For more inspiration about wellbeing, episode 10, “Tackling stress and building resilience, with Adele Stickland” may be useful 

[10:10] Question five: what did you learn this year?

[10:38] Question six: which relationships did you develop or build?

[10:56] Useful podcast episodes about building relationships:

·     Episode 5: how to progress your career using the 3E model

·     Episode 11: the three most important networks for your career

·     Episode 15: how networking can help your career

·     Episode 16: how to become more confident about networking

[11:45] Question seven: what are you grateful for?

[13:11] Question eight: what did you find challenging this year?

[13:49] If you find time management challenging, episode 7 may be helpful, “What to do when you don’t have enough hours in the day

[14:17] If your challenge is a difficult person at work, episode 3, “Building relationships with difficult people at work” might be useful

[14:38] Question nine: what key insights do you have from reading through your answers to questions 1 – 8?

[15:15] Question ten: how can these insights influence your goals for next year?

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