HR Coffee Time Episode 2

Do you ever wish you had an employment lawyer sitting next to you, who you could turn to with any questions?

Well – today you have one! In this episode, Fay speaks to employment lawyer, Julie Jones who answers the top 10 questions she is asked by HR teams about getting redundancies right (where fewer than 20 people are losing their roles).

She shares her advice and ‘must know’ information for anyone faced with arranging redundancies. And even if you don’t have any redundancies looming immediately, it’s well worth listening to the episode to store away her tips for the future.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:06] How to make handling redundancies feel easier from an emotional perspective.

[00:08] What to do if more people put themselves forward for voluntary redundancy when you have more volunteers than needed, without upsetting anyone.

[00:11] Why team building activities are a good idea for the employees who ‘survive’ the redundancy process.

[00:13] Can you have a selection pool of one when making redundancies?

[00:13] The five fair reasons for making redundancies.

[00:17] Helpful ideas to protect the organisation from losing in an employment tribunal.

[00:18] How to determine a criteria for selection.

[00:23] Answering the question, “Can employers avoid making redundancies if their employees are on zero hours contracts?”

[00:26] Dealing with individual consultation for someone who is on maternity leave.

[00:28] Rehiring for the same role (but at a later date).

[00:31] Rules around ‘bumping’.

[00:35] Important timings to be aware of when an employee is trialling a new/alternative role. 

[00:39] Redundancy payment requirements when ending a fixed term contract.

[00:43] Julie’s top book recommendation

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