HR Coffee Time Episode 20

Whether you’ve never done succession planning, or you have it in place but aren’t sure it’s going as well as it could, this episode is here to help. Jo Taylor from Let’s Talk Talent shares her insights into why the traditional 9 box grid method doesn’t work and what to use instead. She also has some helpful examples of organisations that are doing succession planning well.


Key Points From This Episode 

[01:57] Introduction to Jo Taylor and her role as Managing Director of Let’s Talk Talent  

[03:44] The misconceptions of running your own business and the lifestyle it brings you 

[06:38] Working long hours

[12:10] Taking time for yourself and finding coping mechanisms when you are feeling stressed 

[15:11] Unlocking the potential in people using succession planning 

[17:50] The nine-box grid and why Jo believes this isn’t the best method for succession planning 

[23:13] Using emotional intelligence rather than the nine-box grid to see people’s potential 

[24:28] Asking people want they want when it comes to succession planning and the importance of having conversations rather than making assumptions 

[27:07] Looking at how you define talent with your organisation by looking at data and how the business will benefit from doing work in succession planning 

[29:15] Defining the succession planning process as an organisation

[32:57] Saville Wave explained

[34:39] Tips for getting buy-in from the senior team when looking at new ways to do succession planning 

[36:45] Ways to measure the success of implementing new success planning processes 

[39:06] The types of businesses that should be considering succession planning 

[40:15] Jo’s book recommendation – Everyone Died So I Got a Dog, by Emily Dean 

[41:30] How to get in touch with Jo 

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