HR Coffee Time Episode 21

In this episode of HR Coffee Time Sharon Peake (CEO of Shape Talent) talks through the 8 people in your network who will set you up for career success. Listen to the episode to find out who these 8 people are and what you can do to identify them and build a relationship with them.

This is the last in a series of episodes about networking. The other episodes on this topic are:

·     Episode 16: How to become more confident about networking

·     Episode 15: How networking can help your career

·     Episode 11: Networking – the 3 most important networks for your career

Key Points From This Episode

[01:52] Introduction to Sharon Peake and the work that Shape Talent does

[03:31] How Sharon identified the 8 people you need in your network

[05:31] Why women find it harder to build strong networks for their careers

[07:41] Your operational network – experts and navigators

[08:37] Your network for growth – mentors, challengers & accountability partners

[10:31] Your strategic network – connectors

[14:20] The power of weak ties

[17:18] Your strategic network – sponsors & key bearers

[20:38] How to find a sponsor

[25:39] How to take action to identify and build relationships with the 8 key people

[30:00] Easy-to-implement networking tips

[34:17] Sharon’s book recommendation, “Working Identity” by Herminia Ibarra

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