Episode 23 HR Coffee Time

Starting a new job at any organisation can feel daunting but stepping into an HR leadership role can feel particularly nerve-racking. You care about doing a great job and you know that all eyes will be on you during your first few months, waiting to see how you perform.

In this episode of the HR Coffee Time career coach, Fay Wallis shares four tips that will help to set you up for success in your new HR leadership role.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:00] There will be more than one episode to help you succeed as a leader in HR

[01:35] In this episode, Fay shares 4 key things to set you up for success in your new HR leadership role

[02:51] Tip 1: put things in place to protect your wellbeing and mental health

[04:09] If you find self-care particularly challenging, episode 10, ‘Tackling stress & building resilience, with Adele Stickland’ may be helpful for you

[04:26] Tip 2: plan your pre-boarding & onboarding activities

[05:05] Plan your introduction to your team

[08:16] Tip 3: get a sense check about strategic priorities, mission & vision

[09:58] The SHRM has some good templates to help with creating a mission & vision

[12:09] Michael D. Watkins’ STARS framework to help you assess what situation you’re walking into

[14:23] Tip 4: focus on people and products

[16:10] The importance of building relationships across the organisation

[17:48] Other episodes focused on networking and building relationships:

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