Episode 24 HR Coffee Time

Understanding and supporting neurodiversity at work is important for many different reasons. Not only can it help you unlock access to talent and skills that are currently missing from your organisation; it can also lead to higher levels of engagement, inclusion and innovation.

In this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast, Neurodiversity Champion, Speaker & experienced HR professional, Mel Francis, shares her extensive knowledge and insights on the topic. 

Key Points From This Episode

[00:35] Introduction to Melanie Francis

[02:17] What is the definition of neurodiversity

[04:45] What is dyslexia

[05:51] Developmental coordination disorder/dyspraxia

[06:39] Developmental language disorder

[06:55] Autistic spectrum disorder

[08:00] Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

[08:21] Tourette syndrome

[16:42] What to find on DO IT Solutions

[18:43] Neurodiversity in the workplace

[20:12] Taking a look at the statistics in 2021

[23:00] The business case for understanding & supporting neurodiversity – a case law example

[23:52] The business case – useful research including Matthew Syed’s book, “Rebel Ideas”

[25:34] Practical strategies to use throughout key stages of the employment lifecycle

[31:37] Becoming a Neurodiversity Champion

[33:00] Melanie’s book recommendation, “Neurodiversity at Work” by Professor Amanda Kirby and Theo Smith

[33:42] How to get in touch with Melanie

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