HR Coffee Time Episode 25

At the time of recording this episode of HR Coffee Time we’re in the middle of a recruitment crisis – organisations are finding it incredibly hard to fill their vacancies. With stories of ‘The Great Resignation’ and salaries creeping up to tempt people to move from their current role, there has never been a more important time to make sure you have strategies in place to retain the people within your organisation.

Career conversations are an underrated, under-used, low cost and simple way of stopping your people from leaving, by giving them the career development they are looking for. They also have a host of other benefits. Learn more about what career conversations are, why they’re such a good idea and how to implement them.

Key Points From This Episode

[02:03] Introduction to Sarah Archer

[03:04] What is a career conversation

[06:24] Who specifically should be having a career conversation

[08:46] Organisational benefits

[10:34] What the benefits are to the individual

[12:31] How to introduce career conversations to your organisation

[14:30] Tools available to managers to help them hold the career conversation (using the 3E model)

[17:35] Ways to introduce career conversations to an organisation

[20:56] Tips for employees on how best to prepare for a good career conversation

[27:11] More information on ‘Create Your Own Career Success’ – Sarah’s free five-day success challenge

[28:29] How to contact Sarah

[29:04] Sarah’s book recommendation, “Playing Big” by Tara Mohr

[29:53] A refresher on Episode Five – “How to progress your HR career (using the 3E model)”

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