Episode 27 HR Coffee Time

If you’re facing redundancy, or find yourself having to make other people redundant, this episode is here to help. Listen now to hear tips and strategies to help you or the people around you get ‘unstuck’ and move forward successfully.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:47] Introduction with Sarah Archer

[02:19] Redundancy statistics in 2020

[03:40] Introduction to Fay Wallis

[05:33] What is the ‘change curve’?

[07:17] The change curve – stages one & two – shock & denial

[07:48] The change curve – stages three & four – frustration & depression

[08:32] The change curve – stages five & six – experiment & decision

[09:02] The change curve – stage seven – integration

[14:44] How to help with emotional struggles

[15:55] Building a support network

[19:43] A technique to help you feel more positive

[21:30] How organisations can support their people – arranging outplacement support

[22:32] How organisations can support their people – communication

[26:17] Why organisations should invest in outplacement support

[30:46] Fay’s top tips for anyone going through redundancy

[33:07] How to connect with Fay

[33:29] How to connect with Sarah

[33:48] Bright Sky Career Coaching’s free & paid solutions to help with redundancy

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