Episode 29 HR Coffee Time

Have you recently been promoted within your organisation? Are you wondering how you can excel and face the changes your new leadership role brings?

This episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help, providing you with key tips on promotion pitfulls to avoid and strategies to succeed in your new HR leadership role.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:43] A recap of episode one – (Setting yourself up for success in your new HR leadership role )

[01:23] A recap of episode two (How to be strategic in your new HR leadership role)

[02:22] Introduction to Jacqui Jagger

[03:32] What are the common promotion pitfulls?

[04:06] The first promotion pitfull – ‘the trap of doing more rather than doing different’

[06:47] The second promotion pitfull – ‘being over ambitious about what can be achieved’

[10:22] The third promotion pitfull – ‘being promoted over peers’

[14:37] The fourth promotion pitfull – ‘the identity gap’

[16:10] Mistakes that are often made

[16:47] How to focus on yourself and your strengths

[18:11] Signals that are often used

[21:30] Creating a 90-day plan

[22:00] The first step to creating your plan

[23:50] The second step to creating your plan

[25:48] What is the ‘HR strategy shaping interview template’?

[27:20] The ‘emotional intelligence framework’

[29:02] The two aspects of emotional intelligence – ‘empathy and decision making’

[31:16] Jacqui explains the emotional intelligence tool she uses – created by MHS

[32:51] Ways to be mindful when supporting internal promotions

[33:13] How to support and develop before a promotion

[36:31] Jacqui’s book recommendation – ‘Think Again: The power of knowing what you don’t know by Adam Grant’

[38:52] More information on ‘the practical leadership academy’

[39:56] Ways to connect with Jacqui

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