Episode 30

5 generations (and a 6th coming) are currently working alongside each other in the workplace. They’re all shaped by different experiences and world events and have their own expectations of their careers and their colleagues.

In this episode of HR Coffee Time, HR Consultant, Michelle Hartley, talks to Career Coach, Fay Wallis. She explains the key differences between the different generations and how we can make our workplaces as effective and inclusive for them as possible.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:40] The video featuring Simon Sinek talking about millennials in the workplace


[01:35] Introduction to Michelle Hartley and the work she does with Barrow & Parker HR


[04:28] The first generation – The Silent Traditionalists (born around 1928)


[04:49] The second generation – The Baby Boomers (born after 1946)


[05:11] The third generation – Gen X (born around 1965)


[05:28] The fourth generation – The Millennials (born in 1981)


[05:43] The fifth generation – Gen Z (born after 1997)


[07:01] Possible tensions between the generations


[07:33] Perennials – people who don’t fit into a generational stereotype


[08:10] Different communication and feedback needs across the generations


[09:07] Working styles across the generations


[09:57] Different motivations and priorities across the generations


[11:17] How to ‘mind the generational gaps’ – working in an inclusive way


[14:00] Cross-generational mentoring


[16:29] The importance of context when planning to foster inclusivity for a multi-generational workforce


[16:37] Fay’s experience as a teacher, early on in her working life


[19:37] The danger of ‘boxing people in’ through applying generational labels

[20:07] Quick introduction to personal user manuals and team user manuals


[22:38] Michelle’s book recommendation – ‘The Conscious Effect: 50 Lessons for Better Organizational Wellbeing’ by Natasha Wallace


[23:34] The best way to get in touch with Michelle is on LinkedIn

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