Episode 34 HR Coffee Time

Have you ever had an idea that was shut down at work, even though you passionately believed it was a brilliant Initiative, or you had an idea that you just couldn’t get enough buy-in for from all the people you needed to? This episode of HR Coffee Time is here to help as Fay shares the different types of influencing style’s that you could use to become more influential at work.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:46] Fay explains more about her group coaching programme: ‘Inspiring HR’

[01:10] Why Fay chose ‘inspiring HR’

[02:19] Fay’s hopes for ‘inspiring HR’

[02:44] When do the group coaching sessions begin?

[04:36] One to one sessions with Fay

[05:07] What is the beta programme?

[05:59] Topics which will be covered over the six-week programme – Inspiring

HR Group Coaching Programme

[06:24] How to contact Fay for further information

[07:39] Fay shares a story related to a previous colleague with incredible influencing skills

[10:11] Having a fixed mindset – ‘How to feel more confident at work’

[12:05] A book recommendation from Fay – Elements of Influence by Terry Bacon

[12:44] The first influencing skill – crying

[14:39] The first influencing style – rational

[17:09] The second influencing style – social

[17:50] Building alliances at work

[18:43] The third influencing style – emotional

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