Episode 38 HR Coffee Time

Have you ever found yourself having to make redundancies and struggling to know what to say to your colleagues who are losing their jobs? Or, perhaps you’re facing redundancy yourself and trying to navigate the huge mix of emotions that you may now be experiencing.

In this episode of HR coffee time, Grief Recovery Expert; Emma Tomes, explains how the loss of a role can lead to feelings of grief and shares her tools and tips on ways you can support either yourself or other people who are in this situation.

Key Points From This Episode

[00:48] Fay explains what ‘outplacement’ means

[02:04] Introduction to Emma Tomes

[03:53] Emma discusses her experience of redundancy  

[07:12] The Grief Recovery Method

[10:51] How to help when someone is experiencing grief due to redundancy

[13:21] Emma shares examples of how to listen and help effectively

[16:30] Where to access the podcast show notes

[18:39] Emma explains the different stages of grief

[23:49] What tools can be used from the ‘Grief Recovery Method’

[29:07] The importance of mental health and check-ins

[33:15] Emma shares her book recommendation – The Grief Recovery Handbook Method by John W James and Rusell Friedman

[34:06] How to connect with Emma

[34:51] Fay shares previous episodes related to redundancy:

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