Episode 40 HR Coffee Time

Podcasting is a low-cost but effective way of sharing crucial HR and wider-business information, building a strong employer brand, onboarding, or delivering content for in-house professional development programmes.

In this episode, career coach and podcast host; Fay Wallis, takes you behind the scenes of the HR Coffee Time podcast. She explains why starting a podcast could be a great idea and how to do it.

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Key Points From This Episode

[01:33] How a public or private (internal) podcast could help your organisation.

[03:46] Where to access the HR Coffee Time podcast show notes

[04:46] Fay explains why she decided to start her own podcast

[07:55] The Podcast Launch Accelerator online course

[09:07] Graphic Designer, Floss Gibbs designed the podcast cover art for HR Coffee Time

[10:08] The RØDE USB microphone Fay uses

[11:49] Fay uses Camtasia video editing software to edit HR Coffee Time but Audacity is free podcast editing software to consider

[13:01] Fay’s podcast editor, Frodo on Fiverr

[14:51] Remove unwanted ‘ers’, ‘ums’ and sections of speaking from your podcast recording by using Descript or Audiate

[16:26] For recording guest interviews remotely, Zoom, Squadcast and Riverside are all options to consider.

[20:57] Transcribing the audio using Otter.ai to then create the show notes

[23:06] The podcast host provider Fay uses is Captivate

[25:30] For free tips and advice about podcasting, listen to Lynsay Ann Gould’s podcast: The Podcasting for Business Show, or join her Podcasting for Business Community Facebook group

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