Episode 44 HR Coffee Time

Are you aspiring to work in a senior HR role, or perhaps you have already reached this level and would like to work on your influencing skills? In this episode of HR Coffee Time Career Coach, Fay Wallis shares how incorporating the six principles of persuasion can help to influence across your entire organisation.


Key Points From This Episode

[02:07] The importance of being strategic in a senior HR role

[04:26] How to incorporate elements of Dr Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion into your work

[05:28] The first principle – ‘Reciprocity’ 

[06:12] Fay refers to Adam Grant’s research into Givers, Takers & Matchers, as mentioned in: Episode 16 | How to become more confident about networking

[07:43] The second principle – ‘Commitment and Consistency’ 

[09:22] The third principle – ‘Social Proof’

[11:23] The fourth principle – ‘Liking’

[13:13] The fifth principle – ‘Authority’

[16:17] The sixth principle – ‘Scarcity’

[18:27] Let Fay know if you’re interested in joining the waitlist for joining the second cohort of the Inspiring HR group coaching programme

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