Episode 45 HR Coffee Time

Have you ever woken up with the best intentions to prioritise a piece of work or project you are working on that will help accelerate your HR career, but after yet another busy day you still haven’t made the progress you set out to complete? This episode of HR Coffee time is here to help, as Career Coach, Fay Wallis shares six practical tips to help stop you from procrastinating and to make sure you find the time you need for important projects at work.

Key Points From This Episode

[01:45] Information about The HR Planner

[02:44] Fay refers to Episode 7 | What to do when you don’t have enough hours in the day’

[03:17] Tip one – Eat that frog

[06:25] Tip two – Start using the five-minute rule

[09:05] Tip three – Go lean

[12:39] Tip four – Check your emails at set times each day

[16:18] Tip five – Assess and plan your time      

[22:13] Tip six – Try out a carrot or stick as a commitment device

  • Fay would like to hear how you get on with your public commitment – stickK

[25:03] Fay celebrates the one-year anniversary of HR Coffee Time, since releasing episode 1 on 28th July 2021 (which is, ‘How to feel more confident at work)

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