Episode 46 HR Coffee Time

Do you find yourself with your head in a good book most days? Perhaps you have a bookshelf filled with all different genres but always looking for more recommendations to add to your collection? As World Book Lovers Day is fast approaching, on this week’s episode of HR Coffee Time, Career Coach Fay Wallis shares her top three book recommendations.

 Disclosure: the book links below are affiliate links, which means Fay may receive a small commission from Amazon if you choose to make a purchase through them (at no cost to you).


Key Points From This Episode

[00:03] Fay explains where you can find the ‘show notes’ to each episode – HR Coffee Time Podcast – Bright Sky Career Coaching

[01:37] Fay takes a moment to thank everyone who has left a review and rating

[03:32] Fay’s first book recommendation – ‘Dare to Lead’ by Dr Brené Brown

[04:58] Background information about Dr Brené Brown – The power of vulnerability TED talk  

[07:39] Fay’s second book recommendation – ‘Think Big – Take Small Steps and Build The Career You Want’ by Dr Grace Lordan

 [08:27] Background information about Dr Grace Lordan

[10:57] Fay’s third book recommendation – ‘The Culture Map: Decoding How People Think, Lead, and Get Things Done Across Cultures’ by Erin Meyer

[12:45] Fay shares examples from a previous job that relates to the ‘Culture Map’

[16:51] Background information about Erin Meyer.

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