Episode 6 HR Coffee Time

The graduates, apprentices and early-career talent are the future leaders of your organisation. Learn how to put the right support in place for them to flourish and grow, with this episode of the HR Coffee Time podcast.

Early Careers Strategist Lọ́lá Béjidé explains why it’s so important to nurture the people in your organisation who are at the beginning of their careers. She reminds us of how daunting joining the workplace can be and what some of the many challenges are you have to overcome when starting a career.

Key Points From This Episode

[03:12] Introduction to Lọ́lá and her business, Soluman Consultancy.

[09:20] Why it’s important to invest time and resources in your early-career talent.

[11:08] Why a holistic approach is key.

[15:00] The Kickstarter scheme.

[17:38] Equitable opportunities for progress – what this means and why it’s important to consider this.

[20:22] Key areas to focus on and think about.

[20:28] Engaging your entry talent and creating safe spaces for them.

[23:58] Explaining to entry talent how to use email effectively.

[30:08] Checking your expectations are realistic – assessing and supporting.

[33:53] The role of managers.

[34:47] The role of HR.

[40:41] Cultivating the right culture.

[43:00] Lọ́lá’s services explained.

[48:08] Lọ́lá’s book recommendation.

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Soluman Consultancy’s website

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