Episode 63 HR Coffee Time

Measuring your impact at work is one of the best ways of getting yourself ready to progress your HR career. It proves to yourself and to everyone around you that you’ve been doing a brilliant job. Once you know how to measure your impact at work, you can use this information to impress with your CV, in performance appraisal conversations, in interviews and in conversations with your manager or senior leadership team.

In this episode of HR Coffee Time, career coach Fay Wallis teaches you how to do it.

Key Points From This Episode


[00:27] A reminder that the HR Planner is available to buy in hardback, or you can download a free condensed PDF version

[02:13] By measuring your impact at work you can use the information to stand out from everyone else with your CV, convince your boss to give you a promotion, impress the senior leadership team, or make an impact in future interviews

[03:21] Fay references episode 44: “Succeeding as an HR professional – how to influence at a senior level”

[03:33] What you’re learning today comes from the world of project management

[03:55] The success of all projects can be measured by using one of three things – time, cost, or quality

[05:55] If you’re not confident with data & metrics, Fay recommends listening to episode 58: “How to feel more confident using data and analytics in your HR role, with Angela Moyle”

[06:00] An example of how to measure a goal/your performance using ‘cost’ of recruitment

[08:24] An example of how to measure a goal/your performance using ‘quality’ of management training

[10:30] An example of how to measure a goal/your performance using ‘time’ by introducing an HR intranet

[13:17] Some things will straddle two or three of the measures – for example an initiative to reduce turnover could be measured using all three things

[14:55] Let Fay know if you put any of the advice into action

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