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Creating any strategy as part of your HR or People responsibilities can feel daunting; but it can feel especially daunting when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Because DEI is important, it covers so many different aspects and it involves delving into sensitive issues. Making progress can mean sparking huge cultural change which can be messy and takes time.  

Strategy and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion topics have been covered on HR Coffee Time before, but this episode is the first one that takes a deep dive into how to create an effective DEI strategy.  

No matter where you are on your DEI journey in your organisation at the moment – whether you have a robust plan that you’re living and breathing and putting into action; or you have no experience in this area at all; or you are taking action but you’re not confident that what you’re doing is as good as it could be, this episode is here to help. 

Metra Rowe (Founder of Starling Business Solutions) joins host and HR Career Coach, Fay Wallis to generously share some of her key insights into how to create an effective DEI strategy.  

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