Interview coaching

Interview coaching

You’ve been invited to interview and you really want the job.

As an HR professional, you’re probably used to overseeing interviews. But that doesn’t make it any less nerve-racking to do one yourself.

So, whether you’re feeling nervous, haven’t been interviewed in years, or are looking to move into a different kind of role, our expert career coaches are here for you.

Like you, we all have backgrounds in HR, so we know first-hand what interviewers are looking for, which common mistakes to avoid, and how to stand out from your competition.

Empathy, expertise and empowerment are at the heart of all we do. This means we’ll spend time getting to know you and understanding your exact concerns about the interview, so we can provide interview coaching that’s tailored specifically to you.

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients to get their next roles, and we’d love to help you too.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Settle interview nerves (learn more in this podcast episode)

  • Sell yourself confidently

  • Predict which questions you’re likely to be asked

  • Tackle difficult questions (learn more in this podcast episode)

  • Answer competency-based questions (learn more in this podcast episode)

  • Answer values-based questions

  • Use the STAR technique effectively

  • Rehearse and deliver an impressive presentation

  • Build rapport with your interviewers

  • Prepare for a video interview

Online interview coaching

All interview coaching takes place via Zoom, or the video conferencing platform of your choice.

3 steps to interview confidence

Step 1:


Get in touch to let us know what aspects of interviewing you would like help with and to ask any questions you may have.

Step 2:


If you would like to go ahead with interview coaching, just let us know and we’ll match you with a coach who will book you in for your sessions. Before your session, it’s helpful if you can email us the job description or advertisement for the role you’re interviewing for, along with your CV.

Step 3:


We usually recommend 2 x 1-hour coaching sessions, on two different days. Spreading them out gives you time to practise what you’ve learnt between sessions. However, if you’re on a tight deadline, you can have both sessions in one block on the same day. If you like, the sessions can be recorded for watching afterwards, so you don’t need to take notes.


“As a HR professional I knew on paper I had the experience for the roles I wanted, and the understanding of the practicalities around applying, but confidence-wise I was completely lost. Having spent two years post-maternity leave in a role that wasn’t the best use of my skills, imposter syndrome had hit hard.
With an interview looming I booked a session with Fay, almost immediately into the session I knew I had made the right decision. Fay is warm, sincere and knowledgeable and was able to identify quickly what support I needed. She confidently but sensitively critiqued my prepped interview responses in addition to providing feedback on the context of a presentation for a later stage in the process. She just gets it! In all our dealings her manner and professionalism have absolutely been fundamental in the success of not just our sessions but me securing my new role! Thank you, Fay.”
Maxine Dash, Head of People

Get in touch and get confident

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