Operate Strategically Or Create a Powerful HR/People Strategy Playlist

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Hello and welcome to your Operate Strategically And/Or Create a Powerful HR/People Strategy Playlist

Are you feeling the pressure to be more strategic in your HR/People role but unsure where to start? This podcast playlist is here to show you that HR strategy doesn’t have to be complex. Covering topics like mastering data analytics to support your decisions, implementing Agile methodologies to increase adaptability, and creating powerful one-page HR strategies, you’ll find actionable insights and practical advice. These insights will help your new strategic skills in a wide range of situations, from advising the SLT on its overarching strategy to creating a powerful People strategy or developing a strategy for a specific HR area you manage (e.g., DEI).

Whether you’re stepping into a new leadership position or refining your approach within an SME, this podcast playlist will empower you to make informed decisions, align HR initiatives with organizational goals, and prove the value of HR in your organization.

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Below you’ll find the Operate Strategically Or Create a Powerful HR/People Strategy podcast playlist. It’s set up on Spotify for free listening – you don’t need a premium account to access these episodes. Play them directly on your computer, or click the playlist title to open it in the Spotify app.

If you prefer using the Podcasts app on an iPhone, unfortunately playlists aren’t available as a feature on there yet. As a workaround, you can always take a note of what’s on the Spotify list below and then search for them by episode number and title in the Apple Podcasts app.

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