Understanding and supporting staff when making redundancies

Understanding and Supporting Staff When Making Redundancies Taking the lead on redundancies is one of the most stressful roles you have as an HR professional, business owner or senior leader. No-one wants to be the bearer of bad news and it can be difficult to know how someone will react to the [...]

5 great resources to help you with your next career change

It's no secret that during these turbulent times, some industries are sadly struggling more than others. With Retail, Travel, Hospitality, and Entertainment being some of the sectors that have taken the most devastating hit, thousands of people have already been made redundant or are currently at risk of losing their jobs. As a [...]

How to answer the interview question, “What are your weaknesses?”

Out of all the interview questions I'm asked to help with, “What are your weaknesses?” is one that often worries people the most. I completely understand why it makes people nervous. It's a tricky question because interviews are your opportunity to impress the interviewer and convince them that you're the perfect person for [...]

How to find out if you’re being paid what you’re worth

Your next one-to-one with your line manager is coming up soon. Is it time to negotiate a pay rise? Or maybe you're considering a career change or have just been offered an exciting new role and would like to know how much you should expect. How do you know if you're being paid what [...]

Career change – 4 tips to prepare for your next job interview

You’re looking for a career change. You have your eyes on a role that looks perfect for you and you've managed to land an interview. There's only one person standing between you and your dream job now - the interviewer. How are you going to convince them that you're the right person to hire, [...]

7 Tips to Make Your CV as Good as It Can Be

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” His point being that if the axe is sharp enough the task of cutting down the tree is much quicker and easier. Applying this analogy to your [...]

Making your CV stand out: Adding a Key Skills section

Putting together a CV which will do its best for you is a science as much as an art. You need a document which is searchable by automated systems, but it also needs to look presentable and professional when it is seen as a whole by a recruiter. It’s easy to get things [...]

How to Include a Link to Your LinkedIn Profile in Your CV

If you have spent time working on your LinkedIn profile and have it at a standard you're happy with, it's a really good idea to include a link to it in your CV. There are two main reasons for doing this. The first reason is to do with making the hiring manager/recruiter's job [...]

How to Cut Your CV Down to Two Pages

One of the golden rules of CV writing is to make sure that the CV isn’t too long. The ideal length is two pages and there are good reasons for this. The average recruiter or hiring manager will skim read your CV to begin with. The longer the CV is, the harder it is [...]